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Mike Interview with "Dropped Frames"


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It turns out "Dropped Frames" is not only the name of Mike's series of instrumental albums, but it's also the name of a weekly talk show online talking about gaming! So it was only fitting for them to do an interview with Mike, right?


Mike spent the second half of his stream time on July 15th hanging with the guys from Dropped Frames for an hour, and you can check it out below.

A few highlights:

"When we were on tour for our first record Hybrid Theory, we were on a bus. We were able to get two buses at one point. We were successful enough to get two buses. And in one of the buses we put a big recording rig in the back and it was the size of a refrigerator. They drilled into the bus and strapped it to the bus so it didn't like fall over or roll around. We were running it on a Mac with a keyboard and that's how we recorded a lot of the demos to our second record. By the time we got to our fourth record, it was just all on a laptop with a little keyboard controller. So I've lived through all of that stuff and collected stuff the whole time, so I have, for me, what's a fun mix of the most current virtual instruments and then like the MPC 60 which is full of samples and 12 bit."


"The band, we have collected between all of the band members and touring entities... when we toured, at one point, we had to have six copies of any piece of gear on stage because we needed for the main rig... you know the stories you hear of like Guns N Roses, where it's like, they just collect and collect and collect gear, and they make songs, and Chinese Democracy was an album they worked on for decades. It had studios just full of junk. We were starting to head that direction. The reasoning was that we might have tours that butted right up next to each other in North America, in Europe, and in Asia. Or maybe one of those was in Australia. And we couldn't get all of the gear from one place to another to continue our tour quickly enough. Because they'd have to, in order to do that, you'd have to put the gear on a ship and ship it overseas and that takes time. So we had to have six copies of every drum. Six keyboards. Six vocal mics, all of the compressors, every single piece of gear on the stage including the front of house mixing console and whatever. So, I mean, just a lot of junk at the end of the day. You buy a bunch of stuff, you rent some of it, and then it piles up in a unit and eventually you have try and sell it after it's been bashed to hell because we've been touring it around the world."


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