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Mike Q&A Summary 7/3/2020


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As we close out the first Friday in July, Mike had a Q&A on his stream so here are the highlights.


- Mike says it is too difficult logistically to do bigger sizes in his merch store as he'd have to get another retailer to supply bigger sizes.


- "Hey Mike, I was wondering if you guys ever talked about the possibility of continuing LP, could this be with a female vocalist?" -> "In terms of Linkin Park and singers, that is a deep a question as you can have or get and I do not think that today is the day to discuss it. But I appreciate the obvious interest in the subject."

- "Do you remember anything from the Linkin Park concert at Milton Keynes in 2008? I had to convince my boyfriend to go to the concert instead of a football match." -> "Hey I know how it is with you guys and your football. And the footie.. it's hard to get anybody that's a football to get something other than football when their team is on. So, it's not surprising. Milton Keynes is... what a venue. That's obviously, like legendary. For those who don't know about Milton Keynes, it's like Rock In Rio but with more history, it's like Coachella but with actual culture. When did Milton Keynes start? The 70s, the 60s? Right? In the 800s? They've been doing shows at Milton Keynes since people rode there on horseback and checked their cloaks and their armor at the door. "Pardon me, sir. Can't enter with that... I'm sorry sir, breastplates are not allowed inside. Is there some place where I could check my falcon?"" Ha!


- "I've been wondering what happened to the song Looking For An Answer that you played at the tribute concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Have you developed it and will you release it?" -> "I tried to develop it a little bit and I never felt like it did the song justice. The best version to me, even though my voice was too shaky and the performance was.... what it was... the Hollywood Bowl performance to me was more special than any other version so we didn't release it. Plus I played the version for the guys and the guys were like, so uncomfortable. It was not a good vibe. So, yeah, it was just a... it gives us bad vibes."


- "You once said you weren't going to show the One Step Closer music video to your kids. If they've seen it by now what was their opinion on it and the red hair?" -> "They have not, I don't think they've seen it. I know what their reaction would be. They would laugh hysterically and make fun of me and that would be that. They'd also follow that up with a week long pressure campaign to let them dye their hair bright red, which we're not into because, like, I guess it's bad for their scalp. I didn't know this until I had kids, apparently if you started bleaching your hair too young you can change the actual consistency of your hair. For example you can make straight hair a little curly or vice versa, you can change your color of your actual hair. Or it can fall out. So nobody wants to mess with that. It's just bad, the chemicals and stuff are bad for kids. Most people who do hair will say, "Yeah yeah, don't mess with kids hair. Until they're done developing. Pre-puberty especially, that's bad.""


- "My daughters love the song Ghosts and Boris of course. Why did you name him Boris? It's a very common name in Russia." -> "Boris just seemed like his name, I don't know. It just like seemed like the name. It was one of those intuitive things and you kind of just go with it. He popped out of the universe and he said, "My name is Boris." Boris - and that was that.... I had no choice."


- "Which LP or Fort Minor song do you wish was more popular?" -> "Wow, that's a good question, I don't know. More popular? Which LP or Fort Minor song do YOU GUYS wish was more popular? In Stereo, that's a good vote. Cigarettes. Kenji, yeah. Hands Held High. High Road. Red to Black. Cool, those are all good. I think I'd agree with a lot of those. Did somebody say this? Empty Spaces. The answer is Empty Spaces. I wish Empty Spaces was a lot more popular. No, probably.. Kenji is an important song to the record. I feel like Kenji is appropriately semi-popular. It's popular with the right people."


- "I was wondering if we could get an MS skull art on canvas or any form of picture." -> "Interesting. On canvas? I think it'd have to be the right reason. I think I'd actually have to have a painting that I'd want to turn into a canvas print. But, maybe! Maybe."



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