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Mike's CoronaJams Releases Starting In 3-4 Weeks


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Right from Mike's stream today: he will be releasing the CoronaJams starting in 3-4 weeks from now.

It sounds like the releases will continually come out over the next few months in a series of releases instead of just one big release, which makes sense because Mike is still creating new music. He explained there is a lag time between when he creates them, when he gets them cleaned up and properly mixed, and when they can appear on digital streaming services.


Mike said, "I am working on mixing and putting out some of these instrumentals from the live streams. It's been kind of going back and forth. I just want to set it up right so I can regularly put them out to you guys. There's like a lag time... I have to make them presentable and we have to deliver them, and then we can put them out. I'm trying to take that time and crunch it as fast we can do it. It's starting to look like around a month, or less... three weeks-ish to a month, maybe shorter. But we'll see how that works out. It's going well, you're going to hear Open Door, like a final version of that, you're going to hear some songs from the streams. And if in the first batch you don't hear one that you really love or whatever, it's gonna come later. I may not put them all out, 'cause they aren't all awesome, but I do want to put out the jams that have been created here on the streams. I'll put them out so you can listen to them on Spotify and Apple and all of that. You can make TikToks to them, or put into them in your Instagram. All that stuff, it'll be in the system. So there's that."

Music is on the way!

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2 hours ago, vinifeijo said:

Felt like just showing off.

Screaming doesn't fit with Open Door at all.

Yeah agree on this, he needed a voice to give more “power” to the chorus but no screaming needed 

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