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Mike Q&A Summary April 17th, 2020


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On April 17th, Mike made a Nintendo Game Boy sounds Corona Jam and took a few questions! Here's what was said:


- "Have you ever thought about writing and illustrating children's books?" -> "In college I messed around with it a little bit but I never really got super into it. I did a few little projects at school, like children's book projects but they weren't very good."

- "You did some remixes for Meteora, would you like to release them at some point?" -> "I don't know if that's true. I don't remember them if we did. But, you know, if they're around somewhere maybe they end up coming out. Since you said that, I will keep an eye out for any Meteora remixes when I'm in the hard drives looking for stuff."

- "Do you prefer making music or making art? Is there any instrument you couldn't play?" -> "There's lot of instruments I can't play. Keyboard is piano and keyboard is not like just sampling things (you can make a very convincing live drum sound or guitar sound on keyboard, so if you can play that you can play those instruments in theory)... but learning piano helps you learn the way chords fit together and sit in a scale. Like classical piano will help you play other instruments. And to layer instruments because it is a polyphonic instrument by nature so you will understand how things fit together. That's why I think so many composes have a piano background in their training."
- "Would you give us a tour of the studio at some point?" -> "Maybe we will do that at some point next week."

- "Vocals are not what we are doing at this point on these jams."

- "Wikipedia says One Step Closer, Papercut, and In the End were recorded in New Orleans. Is that actually true?" -> "No, it is not true. I don't know where that information came up. We wrote and recorded all of those in LA. If you can go clear that up on Wikipedia, on our page, that would be helpful."

- "Would you consider doing seminars for colleges and universities about music production?" -> "Yeah I'd do that. I did a thing, I don't know when it's coming out, but Mike West from 686 does a business class at USC and he had me come down and talk to the students there. He's going to put that up at some point so you can watch that. It's about an hour or so that I was there."

It appears Mike answered one random question before the last one when the stream cut out - if you know what it was let us know.


For more information on the Meteora remixes, visit the Linkinpedia page. The band said a few were done in 2003 and would be released, but no information ever surfaced.




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On 4/21/2020 at 3:48 AM, cg9 said:

On Wikipedia, have people change the other two singles from Hybrid Theory on when they were was recorded. I corrected two of them (OSC and ITE).


Thank you! While we have Linkinpedia for facts, it's also important Wikipedia is correct too since it has so many people using it so feel free to always copy over factual information to Wikipedia from Linkinpedia whenever you want.

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