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Mike Q&A Summary April 16th, 2020


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We're back with another Q&A from Mike during his CoronaJam sessions. He didn't take but a few questions on the 16th when he did his Money Mark Jam but here is what was said.

- "Do you still own the Korg Triton keyboard you used on stage back in the day?" -> "I do not own it, I think we sold it. Yeah because I use the Nord now. The Triton was fine for a while but the Nord has the sample capability, I like that better."

- "Do you have a big secret hobby?" -> "I am a big basketball fan, a Lakers fan. There are a ton of Japanese dishes I like to cook."

- "What is your favorite video game ever?" -> "My favorite video game ever is probably Metroid. It's a run off between Metroid to play on my own by myself, Megaman to draw, and then my favorite multiplayer situation was Halo. I loved Halo for the first few that came out."

- "Which CoronaJam was the most fun one to make so far?" -> "I don't know, I like all of them. I like just doing it. I haven't really gone back and listened to them that much, maybe we will go back and do that together."

- "Will Brad ever grow back his fro?" -> "The big fro, probably not. Brad's natural hair pattern is excessively curly. He doesn't have much of a choice in terms of growing back his fro."


Mike added - "We will probably make one more song together then we will flip things up and do something different."



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