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Harmonic Disruptor Is Done!


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From Julien-K:


The Album is done!

Hi everyone and thank you for your patience and support!

The album is done and going to mastering next week!

We also finished a video for the first single smile.gif

We're so excited for you to hear it!

Below are the titles, song lengths, and the album order.

Thank You!

- Ryan, Amir, Fu, Bidi & Alex


Harmonic Disruptor 5:20

Cross 3:14

Stronger Without You 4:14

Lies Like Fire 3:53

B )

Shut Down Your Soul 3:17

As The Sirens Call 4:25

Burn The System 4:31

Undo Everything 5:20

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YES!!! Been waiting for so long. Can't wait to hear the album. I hope they tour next year in 2020, too. Preferably Massachusetts somewhere. Saw them in Boston in 2017 with PIG and once again in 2018 on the Rev 3 Tour and both were amazing. Hadn't seen them since 2007 since then because the last time that they played Massachusetts before that was in 2007. Saw them on Projekt Revolution but missed the date with Evanescence in Amherst, unfortunately.

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