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#YouAndChester: A July Birthday Listening Party


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Recently, when tweeting and posting about the month of July on Twitter, LPFanCorner and LPLive both noticed that a lot of people didn't want to celebrate their birthdays this month. Some felt bad for celebrating during the month, some thought you couldn't enjoy July anymore. We want to let you know that celebrating life is a great thing, and you are important.


As we approach July 20th two full years after the passing of the legendary Chester Bennington, we invite you to join us on July 18th for a different take on a listening party. Because LPFanCorner always puts others before themselves, they wanted to make a "birthday playlist" of Linkin Park + birthday/party songs and do a classic listening party with everyone. LPLive thought the idea was great and immediately wanted to join in. Because if you can put a smile on someone's face, why not?


Anna Shinoda recently elaborated about birthdays in July, saying, "So I want everyone with birthdays on or around July 20th to remember it is important to celebrate your life and to allow yourself to feel joy. It is healthy and needed. Living life and feeling joy is a way to #MakeChesterProud." 


If you have an hour or so, here are the details:


#ChesterAndYou Listening Party
Hosted by LPFanCorner and LPLive
July 18, 2019
1pm PST
via Twitter + Spotify (links coming soon)


We look forward to seeing you then!

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