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Mike and Steve Aoki Hit the Studio


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In a February 2019 interview to Rock Sound, Taka from One Ok Rock revealed he had started working with Mike and Steve Aoki on new music following their 2018 performance at Summer Sonic.


Today, May 22nd, Steve Aoki posted several pictures of himself and Mike working together at Aoki's Playhouse, his residency in Las Vegas. Aoki is currently working on his album "Neon Future IV" and captioned his photo with Mike, "Neon Future Cave Sessions ft Mike Shinoda."


This comes months after Mike has publicly said several times that he's been working on a lot of collaborations with other artists behind the scenes, including grandson and K.Flay... but he indicated he is producing a good bit of that music.


We all are familiar with Steve Aoki, of course, from the collaborations "A Light That Never Comes" and "Darker Than Blood", along with his beautiful remix in tribute of Chester. Steve has been performing his remix live since mid-2017, and joined Linkin Park at their Hollywood Bowl performance that October.


Stay tuned as we should see collaborations with Mike released all throughout 2019 since these other artists are preparing to finish their albums and release them.

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I remember Mike saying during an interview last year that he wanted to focus on producing for other artists in the future. I wonder if this is one of those cases. Maybe not, could be a collab, or even a collab and also a track he is producing at the same time. Endless possibilities, really.

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