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Joe Wraps Up "Carry On", Hints At More Showings


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Joe Hahn has just wrapped up his recent "Carry On" photo exhibition in China. Throughout the course of a few weeks at the end of April through mid-May, he held showings in Chengdu, Beijing, and Shanghai at local Mercedes me Stores. The photos, taken by Joe, are from Linkin Park's "One More Light" world tour in 2017, their last tour with Chester.


The pamphlet given to fans who made it out to see the photos says, "Carry On has a few meanings. As a traveler, it is the luggage that contains essential items, such as a camera. In another sense, it is a term used when moving past a difficult moment in life. This exhibition is a collection of photos that Joe Hahn has taken since March 2017 throughout the remainder of Linkin Park's tour that year. The photos reminisce on key moments captured through Joe Hahn's lens of life during those days."


Fans were able to take photos with Joe and get items signed by him at the opening of the exhibit in each city. They were also given event-exclusive items as a thank you for coming out.


Finally, Joe says that "the Mainland China part of the tour has come to an end." On Instagram, there is chatter of perhaps some German showings that are being planned. Stay tuned!

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