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2019.03.25 - Tel Aviv, Israel (Night 1)


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This is it, everyone. The end of the Post Traumatic Tour is here, and it's going out in a big way. Mike, MattDan, and the rest of the crew will hit the stage tonight in Tel Aviv, Israel for the first of two nights at Hangar 11.


It's been awhile since Mike was last in Israel. Up until this performance, Mike's only other show in Israel was in 2011, on the brief A Thousand Suns Middle Eastern Tour. That show was at the start of the A Thousand Suns cycle, and featured many new tracks including 'Wretches and Kings' and 'Iridescent.' It's a great show all around, and is well known for its performance of 'The Messenger,' where Chester sang part of Bob Marley's 'No Woman No Cry.' These next two shows will undoubtedly be incredibly special, as well.


Mike ended the last European leg of the Post Traumatic Tour in Luxembourg two nights ago, and he certainly ended that tour with a bang! While there were no huge surprises, fans who made it out to the show were treated to plenty of awesome treats: 'Kenji' and 'It's Goin' Down' (with its new chorus) both made an appearance, while staples like 'Prove You Wrong' and 'Nobody Can Save Me' returned. 'Lift Off' featured the chorus of 'Step Up,' the first verse and chorus of 'High Voltage,' and verse two of 'Hands Held High.' Dan also performed his drum solo during the song. The encore opened with the surprising combination of 'Robot Boy' and 'Hold It Together' - a pairing not seen before on the tour. The rig they're using in Israel has different gear and is slightly different - whether or not these setlists in Tel Aviv will be played safe or go absolutely crazy is yet to be seen.


Who's going to the show? If you see our Israeli staff member Skipees, let us know! Please! It's been a minute. Tomorrow's show at the same venue will be the official conclusion of the Post Traumatic Tour (according to Mike), and the last show we may have for quite some time. Before the Post Traumatic era ends, however, Mike still has some music videos to deliver: he filmed one in Prague and another after 'Running From My Shadow' in Luxembourg. What music video do you think is coming next? 


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Check out the rest of Mike Shinoda's 2019 touring schedule here.

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