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Some 2008 Tracks


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I have some questions on some tracks from 2008.


Pretend To Be: I know this track originated from a MTM demo and the band finished it up later.  However, does anyone know when in 2008 it dates from? Is it prior to PR08 or after? The band went into the studio for a few months in March-May of 2008 and they also entered the studio again in September 2008 to start working on ATS. So I'm assuming it probably was finished up in the March-May timeframe but I'm not sure. Any info would be cool to know.


Lockjaw: So Mike basically just made this song from scratch using the new (at the time) Pro Tools 8 in December of 2008? And he then released it to the LPU for Christmas of 2008? Or did the track exist prior to the Pro Tools 8 video in December?


Magic Doors: Does anyone know when this track dates from? Says 2008 on some sites but there is VERY scarce info on the track. It's interesting because it features the original Fort Minor crew of Mike, Ryu and Tak and it's a Green Lantern remix, and as we know, Mike worked with Green Lantern for We Major in 2005 and SOB worked with Green Lantern on Razor Tag in 2007 which was given out at PR07. Does it come from a prior year to 2008? Or late 2008? Anyone know anything?


mmm...cookies: The band released mmm...cookies in November of 2008. Anyone know when it hails from? MTM sessions in 2005-2007? Created right in 2008? Anyone have info?

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This is probably more of an Astat question, but I'm fairly certain at least that Lockjaw did not exist prior to Mike and Rob creating it specifically to demo the new Pro Tools. If it did exist, no info about it prior to that has ever surfaced.


As far as MMM...Cookies, I was always under the impression that they indeed came from the 2005-2007 sessions during the recording of MTM.

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Lockjaw was to Pro Tools 8 what Complimentary was to Stagelight. It was strictly a software tech demo song that was written from scratch. I'm sure Mike probably got an advance copy of Pro Tools and worked on it sometime before the public release in December of 2008.


MMM...Cookies was generally referred to as songs they worked on for comic relief to de-stress while writing other material. I'd lean towards pre-Minutes to Midnight but some of it could be from the misc. 2008 sessions they did too (probably the earlier 2008 sessions since the ATS ones starting in September would have necessitated a VERY quick turnaround time for the LPU CD in November - they usually plan those several months in advance). Definitely all sounds to be roughly from the same time period.


I'd imagine Pretend to Be was finished during the earlier 2008 sessions. It has a much more raw, demo-ish quality to it than the stuff that came out of the proper ATS sessions. That's just a guess though since it didn't come out for a couple years either way.

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