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2018.12.08 - ALT 103.5's Not So Silent Night


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The run of holiday shows continue tonight in San Jose, California with ALT 103.5's Not So Silent Night.


Mike tends to play it pretty safe with festival shows, but he still makes sure to bring the energy. Despite a few hiccups, he gave his all at the festival show in Brooklyn the other day, with staples like 'Running From My Shadow' and the medley of 'About You', 'Over Again', 'Papercut' continuing to explode on the stage.


Check out Mike, Matt, and Dan performing the always fun 'About You', 'Over Again', and 'Papercut'. The live instruments on 'About You' really give that song a new life!


It's been a minute since Mike has been to San Jose. Linkin Park was scheduled to play the city in 2017 on the One More Light North American Tour, but that was canceled for understandable reasons. Prior to that, Mike hadn't been there since 2011 on the A Thousand Suns North American Tour which featured an intense encore starting with a run of 'Empty Spaces', 'When They Come For Me', and 'Papercut', as well as a surprise singalong version of 'Iridescent' and an impromptu rendition of 'The Messenger' due to Mike's keyboard breaking after the Oppenheimer outro of 'Numb'. Before that, the band hadn't played San Jose since 2004 during the Meteora cycle. We unfortunately still don't have the setlist for that show, so if you have any info on it, feel free to send it our way! Linkin Park made two stops in the city back in 2001 as well, the latter of which was a festival show (not unlike tonight) and had the rather rare 'My December' and 'Step Up' and the even rarer cover of 'Sweet Child O' Mine'.


Watch Linkin Park perform a completely impromptu 'The Messenger' in 2011 due to technical difficulties.

Mike is performing pretty early tonight on a stacked lineup and is slotted for around 30 minutes, much like Brooklyn, so we probably shouldn't be expecting any surprises. What we wouldn't be too surprised to see, though, is a different intro song and a slightly reordered set. 'Remember The Name' opened Brooklyn, so could we see one of the other Fort Minor singles ('Petrified' or 'Welcome') opening tonight?


Is anyone going tonight? After this, Mike is doing one last stop at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas (where he and Linkin Park have quite a long history) before taking a much deserved break for the holidays. He'll pick back up next year in Europe, though!

We'll keep you updated on everything that happens at this show and on the rest of the tour, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates, and feel free to join the LPL Discord Server, where you can talk to fans from all around the world. There's also the recently launched LPLive Archive YouTube Channel where we upload all kinds of rare content from the Linkin Park world.

Check out the rest of Mike Shinoda's touring schedule here.

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