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Post Traumatic Clean Version


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The clean version of Post Traumatic has received a worldwide release today, after a fan complained to Mike on Twitter recently that he couldn't find it. The first release of the clean version on July 18th was very limited and also was not on streaming services (Spotify, etc) or iTunes, which is why the fan had trouble finding it.


Now you can jam out to "hold my 'ish" together whenever you want with your kids!

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Clean version - 24-bit edition.

For all available "Post Traumatic" digital editions click here. (if you don't see Mike's section, click on the end of the site's address and press enter).


The first release of the clean version on July 18th

Actually the clean version was released for the first time on June 15. It was available in 9 countries. Then it was re-released on on July 13 and it was released in a few more countries, including Canada, United States, I think it was then available in 16 or 20 countries. From October 31 it is now available in 120 countries.

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