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Collective mural workshop with Mike Shinoda.


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As some of you may know, the VIP package available at the Post Traumatic Outbreak Tour has a lot of perks, one of them being a collective mural workshop with Mike. Really cool thing to do before the show, and even cooler cause from what we know fans could ask Mike to draw something on the mural. Later fans receive a piece what is called as "vinyl cover" which really is a special material kind of sheet - the same that was used on the art walls during Post Traumatic Europe and Asia tour. Still a cool thing to have, still a piece of art Mike created!


DpNbtFhXcAYHlrF.jpg - DA -MOTH- :D


Again, at lpcatalog we've created a website for fans to upload their covers! Each show will have it's own mural. From what we know 36 covers per mural, that makes a total of 828 over 23 shows. Impressive!




Check out the page HERE and make sure you add yours if you're attending the VIP M&G!

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so, the piece that every attendee gets to keep, does that include art from mike and also other attendees? or just mike?

Only Mike draws the art and colors it (looks that way) Fans just get to see the process.

Fans also take part in the process - coloring the pieces too.



On other notes, Toronto is up!




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