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2018.09.06 - Offenbach, Germany


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It's show day in Offenbach, Germany... Mike headlines Stadthalle Offenbach tonight! This show was added after the Köln show sold out instantly, which turned out to be an epic show itself.


Mike has actually visited this venue once before, on March 12, 2001, Linkin Park opened for Deftones there.


The setlists have been changing like crazy on this tour... more than we've ever seen mid-tour before. Fans are loving it and Mike & his band are really putting on some great shows. Just in Moscow, we saw Wisdom Justice & Love and Iridescent in piano form. Stockholm had the full version of Heavy performed for the first time ever in piano form.



If you want a fun watch... check out the Stockholm soundcheck, where Mike ran through It's Goin' Down and Cigarettes (Fort Minor live version) for the first time since 2015. Will we see these songs pop up at the last few shows of this tour?



With 26 setlist entries for Stockholm, literally anything is possible at this point in the tour. It is clear the band is having a great time and it's really opening up Mike's creativity to change the set. The order is changing each show and he's even taking requests. Cigarettes acapella was performed in Moscow and then Kenji was performed due to a request in the encore in Stockholm. Not bad! And let's not forget the first verse of A Place For My Head came acapella as well.


For those going to Offenbach, have a great time. It is most certainly going to be a different show than the Köln set and you should see some treats!

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