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A.06, A.15 & other A. demos


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I think that if A.06 and A.15 exists released, it is possibility that LP could have other unreleased demos and songs with A. names. Maybe they have demos from A.01 to A.20 and they are unreleased if I don't count that two (A.06 & A.15). I can imagine A.15 as a normal long demo with an amazing guitar riffs. What do you thing about this guys?

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Since every single member of the band contributed large amounts of songs for MTM, Brad said that he contributed songs A-Z. So there is an A song right there, Song A. But not sure about other A.xx songs. Probably there are some. There are thousands and thousands of demos in the vaults from the band for all the years they have been a band, but we probably won't ever hear any of them.

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