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Let's make LP a record......

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Ok, loyal LP fans. Me & my family had an idea,We have just found out that "Gangham Style" has broke Youtube's counter and there is another one that has also beaten that!!

How's about telling everybody worldwide to watch one certain L.P track and SMASH the YouTube record!!!!

Let's get this viral!!!


By popular demand, group followers have agreed on the song "Numb"

You need to watch at least 30 seconds to be counted as a YouTube View! So watch it rapidly to gain more views. The more, the better


Come on folks......let's do it!!!!

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I think they can care less about anything right now. Send your condolences on social media and MORE importantly don't be an insensitive dick about it on social media. I'm seeing way too many posts on YouTube along the lines of "Their last record sucked that's why he killed himself' i mean WTF is wrong with people.

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