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Kings Of Chaos Long Beach Review


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We don't do this very often, but we are going to slowly feature it a bit more on the site to change up the content. We wanted to give everyone a fan's perspective into shows going on and we thought the recent Kings Of Chaos show would be a good one. As you may know, Chester flew from Berlin's ECHO performance right to LA to rehearse with Kings Of Chaos the next day. The day after that on April 8th, he played the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. It was his ninth appearance with Kings Of Chaos since December.

For those asking if KOC will continue performing this year... we hope so! Matt Sorum said in December that he wanted to keep it going in 2017, so we will see. It shouldn't be an issue for Chester to perform a show here and there every now and then, since Linkin Park doesn't tour much.

This review is written by "Westenn" from the Stone Temple Pilots fansite Below Empty. Take it away.


"This is my personal review of Kings of Chaos show at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach on April 08, 2017.

It called for rain that day, about 40% chance but the thunderous sounds of rock kept the clouds away that evening. I was lucky to have arrived just as the band were to perform sound check. I felt even luckier that I got to sing alongside them. I grew up with ZZ Top and Billy Idol and to sing with some of my heroes was not only sheer pleasure but also an honor. I was gleaming when Billy Idol thanked me for singing along (Im sure he was thanking others but it seemed he looked at me so I will take it). After that sound check teaser, I was planted in my position for a couple of hours. The show was to begin at 6:00 but there was a delay and the show started around 6:30. There was a rotation of the singers, Chester Bennington, Billy Gibbons and Billy Idol throughout the evening.


Chester came first with Sex Type Thing and Fire Woman, by Stone Temple Pilots and The Cult respectively. I followed both bands forever and enjoyed singing along with Chester, even if I couldnt remember all the words, I love those songs.

Billy Gibbons strutted in to sing Sharp Dressed Man, Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix), and La Grange. I love La Grange, to hear it live just reminds me why its one of my all-time favorites from ZZ Top.

Billy Idol needs no introduction. Knowing once he hits the stage, youre in for a ride. He sang his staple crowd favorites, White Wedding, Shakin All Over (I think its a cover Johnny Kidd & the Pirates), and Dancing with Myself. I never had a chance to see him and Im glad I finally did. He was one of my favorite singers in my youth.

They called Chester back to perform STPs staple Interstate Love Song, The Cults She Sells Sanctuary. The highlight song of the evening for me was the performance of Led Zeppelins Whole Lotta Love. Led Zeppelin and that song was the reason why I wanted to live and breathe in Rock and Roll. That was the stand-out performance musically for the band consisting of Matt Sorum, Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo and Billy Duffy and why when you have Rock and Roll, peace and love go along with it. The energy was riveting. I sang my heart out and for one pocket moment Chester stood in front of me and how we both hit that one note with that chime you hear when you are in harmony; is the way life should be. It was so beautiful to watch those guys play their heart and soul out on that stage. You had to be there and witness it through my eyes, the pure love of music.

Chester followed up with Billy Gibbons to perform a couple of songs together, Waitin for the Bus, Jesus Just Left Chicago and Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers. I love the song Tush and am very glad they played that song. I loved watching Billy Gibbons play guitar. Hes so cool in my Rock Book.


Billy Idol closed the evening with The Doors La Woman and Rebel Yell. For that moment of time, Kings of Chaos made you forget all the problems of the World. The unity and soul love outpouring not only from the band but also from the audience proves time and time again how Rock Music should be in everyones life. Sadly, the night had to end. There were no encores but as I headed back on the train to LA, you can hear the random crowds singing Rebel Yell and the reason why Rock will never die. Peace, Love and Rock n Roll."

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