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Linkin Park returning to Berlin on June 12


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German fans and friends - Linkin Park has announced that they will be returning to Berlin this summer to headline the Mercedes-Benz Arena (of course) on June 12th. The show is sponsored by Mercedes and presented by Mercedes-AMG and powered by Mercedes Inc and is at the Mercedes-Benz Arena...you get the idea.

Mercedes-Benz Arena was the former O2 World, which Linkin Park played twice before in November 2014 and October 2010. If you remember, the 2014 show was the one broadcast in 4K by Samsung. While Mike said that the show would be released as a DVD, there has been no release yet. It's entirely possible that international editions of One More Light, like Living Things and The Hunting Party, might contain either that show or Beijing 2015, both of which are mixed and ready for release.


This is the first show in Berlin since September 2015.

The One More Light European Tour now looks complete as Linkin Park will be performing 18 shows across the continent in June and July. This is an interesting number for several reasons. One, the band had 18 shows booked in 2008 for Europe, but had to cancel two and only played 16. And two, in 2001 LP played 20 times on the Deftones' European Tour. 19 of those were with Deftones and the 20th was a Top of the Pops show.

If Linkin Park completes this full tour in June and July, this will be their largest headlining European Tour in the band's career.

Interesting! After taking all of 2016 off, they are jumping right back into the touring with a bigger tour than normal. This will likely be the only tour of Europe in 2017 as Linkin Park will be performing in North America this August and September, and instead of a second European Tour in the fall, they will instead head to Asia where they have not done a proper tour since 2011 (or 2013's six shows). Europe will most certainly get another tour in 2018, possibly early in the year too.

Who will be heading to Berlin?
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Good call on 2010. Fixed.


No way they add more shows now. London N2 is 18 shows. They've never done a European Tour that long in their career after they opened for the Deftones in 2001. Never headlined Europe for that long.


They'll get back to the USA after the UK and take 3-5 weeks off before doing the North American Tour, probably with a gap in the middle like 2014 had for two weeks. Europe will get a 2018 tour which I guess now will include Russia (as Phoenix said)...I'm surprised no Russia this tour. But to do that now they'd have to add a day off on July 8, and do Moscow/St. Petersburg on July 9 and 10. That'd be a 32 day tour...too long for them in Europe. And they would have done a Russian promo event to announce the dates.

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