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Amsterdam Event Review


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Our friend Jonathan Schoenmaker has written a review about the Amsterdam event yesterday that we wanted to share!

Here's what took place at the invite-only event...

Show announcement: Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam 20th of June. LPU presale starts April 3rd
Setlist: Burn It Down, Heavy, Crawling, What I've Done

"Lets start off with the songs. The versions of the songs performed were the same as the livestream in the rehearsal studio, but there is something incredibly powerful about Chesters delivery that can not be fully experienced while watching a stream.

The acoustic version of What Ive Done is something they Threw together that day and sounded pretty much like youd expect; Mike playing a piano lead while Chester throws on a delivery like theres 20.000 people in the room. All in all I think people who dislike Heavy might change their opinion after seeing it live in person. A few people I spoke to definitely seem to have done that."


The Q&A was done by the audience and questions were chosen by who won the contest.

Where did the inspiration for the new album cover come from?

Mike: Frank (someone they always work an cover art with) was at the beach and just took that picture. I showed it to Brad and he was like Yeah this is a cool picture. At the time we werent thinking it was an album cover but when we showed it to everyone it appeared like the cover was there the whole time.

Chester: I like the album cover because theres something so pure about the children and their innocence. Like that water could be cold as fuck but they wont care.

Does the name One More Light mean it's the last Linkin Park album?

Chester: No, quite the opposite. Its a more positive message - instead of saying the final one its really more of another one.


Whats the funniest thing that happened during one of your shows?

I can't put this one into words. Watch for yourself.

How do you feel about fans hating on the new material?

Both: We feel like every album we make is very polarizing. We figured out people either love or hate Linkin Park and that's fine. We have a lot of fans that stay true to us. Thank you for that.

What needs to happen for you to stop being a band?

Chester: I think its useless to think about that sort of stuff. Its the six of us and if it cant be the six of us for some reason then maybe its time. But its like the idea of a prenup. I dont like imagining everything that can go wrong. I rather live in the present.

How do you see the future of rock/metal?

Chester: Make music you want to make, everyone takes influences from each other but make sure you do it different and better.


After the wrap up, a flag was given to the guys and they came down for a quick chat and some pictures. It was all in all a very intimate moment and I hope they will continue doing stuff like this.

Thanks for reading!
-Jonathan Schoenmaker

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