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The Delson Brothers' 'Willing To Try' Coming Soon?


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Music runs in the family, it seems. Brad Delson's brother Greg Delson is releasing his own album soon, and Brad seems to be in on it!


Greg, along with Brad and music partner Daniel Capellaro, is currently working on his first solo album, and it seems that the first taste of his music is coming soon. A search on the BMI Repertoire reveals the title for a track called 'Willing To Try,' with Brad being credited as a songwriter.


We're not sure about much more beyond that track. We don't know the genre (though his website says "A sound and energy steeped in soul and folk, with gospel overtones"), when the song will be released, or even if Brad contributes anything to the track besides writing it. What we don't know is written on the song's Linkinpedia page - be sure to keep checking back there for the latest updates (still on the Linkinpedia grind, guys). We'll keep you covered on when the song is released, though.

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Update: Greg Delson is no longer going to use his own name for the album. He has launched a new project called Landlights which, for him, is essentially what Fort Minor was to Mike Shinoda. You can listen to his debut single here: https://www.landlightsmusic.com


Let's hope the song with Brad make it to the album.

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