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Countdown to Revolution 2001


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2001.11.18 Vancouver, BC, Orpheum
2001.11.20 Bakersfield, CA, Centennial Garden
I don't think these two shows are a part of the tour Vancouver is a theater show, Bakersfield though is a 10,500 person arena. There is a week between Bakersfield and Kansas City, the next show.

Have we raised this issue before? I feel like sometimes when I am researching something, we've been doing this for 10 years and I might have forgotten another time I brought this up, haha.

LP.com doesn't mention either show as part of the tour, BUT the Projekt Revolution 2002 book does recall the Countdown to Revolution 2001 tour dates as including Bakersfield, but not Vancouver.
FTG doesn't mention either. However, the FTG dates for Family Values Tour 2001 are the FIRST announced dates, those aren't the final ones. It's from before the tour got reorganized, and they never fixed it.

Omar's live guide puts both on the tour, which is why we have ours like that. Our live guide was mostly based on a combo of FTG, Omar, and Sebastian's lists plus our corrections.

Can someone do some more research on this? Not sure what to do. Fairly certain Vancouver isn't part of the tour, I guess Bakersfield really isn't either but I'm not sure.
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I feel like Kansas City would be the start of the tour. These two shows look like a deal where it's like "Hey, we're in the area, might as well play a show or two here and here."


Go up to Canada for a show after Washington since West Coast Canada didn't get a show, then go home and play a show then a week off. Look at it like the two Canada shows in 2008 before Projekt Revolution -> they're right at the beginning of Projekt Revolution but weren't really part of the tour, and it was two weeks after Europe. It's like "we're not hitting Canada on this summer tour, let's not miss this market."

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This article says it all, I believe:

Countdown to Revolution begins the night after the final Family Values show. For the first two nights, Linkin Park will play with (hed)pe and DJ Z-Trip. The X-Ecutioners will join the tour on November 27 in Kansas City, Missouri, and will play the remaining nine shows.

Countdown to Revolution Tour dates, according to the band’s management:

11/18 – Vancouver, BC @ Orpheum Theater
11/20 – Bakersfield, CA @ TBA
11/27 – Kansas City, MO @ Hale Arena
11/28 – St. Louis, MO @ Family Arena
11/29 – Grand Rapids, MI @ DeltaPlex
11/30 – Cedar Rapids, IA @ U.S. Cellular Center
12/1 – Lincoln, NE @ Pershing Auditorium
12/3 – Salt Lake City, UT @ E-Center
12/4 – TBA
12/5 – Spokane, WA @ Convention Hall
12/6 – Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theatre

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It's a really weird tour. The tour name can't be found on any of the tickets.

Fact is the real countdown to revolution tour kicked off in Kansas City, support bands and production wise.

According to itinerary they spent 4 days in Kansas for all the rehearsals that usually happen with the beginning of the tour. That's why there's almost a week between Bakersfield and Kansas City.


It makes sense to me to announce the two shows along with the others, if they are technically part of it or not.


I'd say we exclude the 2 shows from the tour.

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