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The Official Summer Sonic Festival Thread


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Although it's an opportunity to see LP performing at their best, I unfortunately will not be attending this festival. However, who is going? What are your thoughts on the sets? Will they be the same as the Sonisphere sets? Or will LP do something diff and play something diff? Mayb a demo or two? Discuss here!.

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I think they MIGHT premiere a new song or two. Who knows though. They should totally play Qwerty again since it's Summer Sonic. That would be fucking crazy, especially if they did it 06 style or even made a new style.

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i'd just lyk to hear anything that hasn't been played in a long time

weather that be QWERTY or Forgotten i dont care i just want some new lp stuff


Parts of Summer Sonic get air time on TV dont they?

Hope we get something from it

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whaT do you think abuot my "personal setlist"???

i wish that they will play this or a similiar setlist :(, but i know that it's impossible :(


01 From the inside (Project Revolution 2004 long intro)

02 Lying from you

03 Wake 2.0

04 Given up (w/ new extended outro)

05 No more sorrow (Long Intro)

06 Somewhere i belong (Studio Version)

07 Pepercut

08 Points of authority (w/ new extended intro)

09 With you

10 Runaway

11 Reading my eyes

12 Pushing me away (Studio Version)

13 Breaking the habith

14 Figure 09 (w/ 2004 extended outro)

15 Shadow of the day

16 Numb

17 What i've done

18 Faint

19 In the end (w/ 2006 intro)


20 Bleed it out

21 Lockjaw / QWERTY

22 A place for my head (w/ new extended outro)

23 One step closer (w/ extended outro)

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