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Mike Contributes Title Theme for AMC's "Into The Badlands"


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Mike seems to always be busy. Even when LP's off tour, Mike's putting in time. When he's not working on Linkin Park's follow up to The Hunting Party, he's writing other material - check out the new title sequence of AMC's new action series, "Into The Badlands", of which Mike wrote the title theme for!


"Into The Badlands" is a new action series, documenting the art behind kicking ass. From Yahoo! TV:

“In a world without guns, fighting is an art...” Set in a post-apocalyptic America that’s been divided into different feudal territories, the warrior class of this brave new world carry swords rather than firearms. Not surprisingly, they put those swords to regular use in spectacular fight sequences that were choreographed by martial arts crews imported from Hong Kong.


If this sounds like something you're into, be sure to check it out when it airs - mark your calendar for November 15 at 10:00PM (local time)!


Check out the title sequence here.

Linkin Park is in the studio prepping their next album. Two dates remain on the cycle - one festival in Tempe, Arizona on November 1 and another honoring Steve Aoki for Relief: Live on November 14! For updates on these shows and progress on the band's next album, follow us on Twitter.

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