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DSP Question


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I've been a long time lurker of this site and LPA for many years, but I never decided to make a post until now. I would like to know why the band has stopped releasing DSP's of the shows? I could not find an answer anywhere and I really miss them. I haven't collected any live audio since they stopped:

It really sucks, because the quality was unmatchable in my opinion. And they were nicely tagged and very playable. Never much cared for audience recordings because of quality. It's a shame.

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First of all - welcome. Their management was not making enough money on selling them. Some shows sold like 30-50 per show. And that's their fault for not advertising it...they have the biggest amount of fans on social media than any band and they never posted about it. So they got rid of them.


http://lplive.net/forum/?showtopic=9623We did an open letter about them, with no luck. We are trying something else very soon, in August. Stay tuned. We miss them too.

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Wow... that's really too bad about the sales. I can understand why the band or label wanted to stop them though, but it sucks for the hardcore fans who collect shows. Thanks for taking the time to reply to this. This site is literally the only website dedicated to Linkin Park that talks about the DSP's in one way or another. But it just seems to me that the DSP's were the best, the quality was impeccable and they released tons of shows, not just like some shows that they webcast, etc.


I had no idea about that open letter. If you try again in August, I will also try and tell them how much I miss them. I have bought a lot of them over the years and also downloaded a lot, simply because of how much DSP's were released and I didn't have that kind of money. But I am willing to pay if it means they can come back.


Thanks again for replying.

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