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Checking in with Pooch


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Somehow we missed posting this in 2014, probably because of all the touring going on. Pooch (FOH) and Tater (monitors) did a great two-part video (Setting Up, and Inside the Live Mix) for Waves Live discussing The Hunting Party Tour. They run over their plugins for the show, what effects are put on the band's in ear monitors, and more. In Setting Up, Pooch mentions that they recorded 128 (!) tracks for the live DSP releases. Double that because due to the release, they record each show twice. Side note: The band still records the shows to this day, but the releases stopped in 2012. Stay tuned for more information about that in August.


Anyway, Pooch is the man responsible for Linkin Park's incredible live sound and the work he puts into making the show sound so good really pays off. These videos are a great insight into that process.



They got all new gear for THP's touring cycle and it took two weeks just for them to set it up and get used to it, before Linkin Park even set foot in the rehearsal space.



On Inside The Mix, Pooch breaks down One Step Closer's vocals by Chester and isolates them, showing us what inputs he has on the vocals. He shows what the kick drum sounds like by itself and then with the Pooch special touch added, ha.


Pooch and Tater followed up on Carnivores Tour when a few questions arose about those videos and if they had made any changes to their inputs once the touring started, making a part three called On The Stage.



Then there's another good one from Pooch from Berlin 2014, the show that was filmed in 4K. He mentions that when using his console he does everything manually to mix the show.



And finally, from Rock in Rio USA, Pooch and his friend Big Mick (Metallica's famous FOH engineer, who also mixed Led Zeppelin's London reunion show) sat down for THREE HOURS of discussion about the live shows, gear and more. You can check out highlights and those videos here.

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