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LP KROQ 2003 Audio improve


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I guess most of you are familiar with LP's performance at KROQ in 2003.

I'm not too fond of the audio available on the webcast, and I think the audience audio source available is much better.

I mixed Breaking The Habit to its matching track from the audio bootleg to see how it would turn out, and I like it much better that way :

Original :

My mix :

I'm definitely doing the full show if anyone's interested, all I need is the lossless stream file of the webcast if that's available, not a DVD re-encode or anything. Any help... would help.


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There's no such thing as a lossless stream file, also the DVD that lpplus linked up doesn't even have the original webcast audio so I doubt it would have any use for you.

I think he was trying to say that what Vesanic wants to do had already been done.

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Woops, my bad. I was talking with Mark and he didn't say it was already done, so yeah.


There's no such thing as a lossless stream file

I meant the file with least loss, if you prefer.

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Actually I syched that circulating KROQ03 DVD with vansmack's audio many years ago. The audience recording sounded better than badly mixed and heavily compressed webcast audio.

There's no such thing as lossless video file. All of the common video codecs are lossy as fuck. (few rare examples exists like uncompressed YUV codecs in avi containers or huffyuv codec in avi container that are lossless, but few minutes of them will eat full of your HDD) Even you buy a DVD/BD from the store or the raw recording from your camera (even DV-avi) are lossy too. (just to clear everybody's mind :) )

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