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Direct Support Bands For LP


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This thread was made to list all bands that have been direct support for LP over the years on tour. I don't mean festivals and stuff because LP doesn't choose the line-up for those. I meant one-off type shows where LP picks a band to open for them, or tours they have done, etc. So far I have


- A Day To Remember - 2015, One-Off Show

- Rise Against - THP Tour, 2015

- Of Mice & Men - THP Tour 2014, 2015

- Panic! At The Disco - Brazil Shows, 2014

- Thirty Seconds To Mars - Carnivores Tour 2014, European Tour 2007

- AFI - Carnivores Tour, 2014

- Fall Out Boy - European Tour, 2014

- Stone Sour - Sidewave Shows, 2013

- KONGOS - South African Tour, 2012

- Incubus - Honda Civic Tour, 2012

- Mutemath - Honda Civic Tour, 2012


EDIT: I will add more later starting downwards from where I left off. For example, I will do 2011 next and then 2010, etc.

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