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2 Questions concerning LPTV


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Recently I decided to sort and organize my Linkin Park videos because unfortunately I did not pay much attention to this over the years. I guess I should have a fairly complete collection of both LPTV and LPU videos. So my questions are ...


1. Is there a good source for a sufficient LPTV "chronology"? I want to sort the videos by date as accurate as possible. I did some research in this news forums and others, checked upload dates on YouTube and the LPU website etc. But the dates I found are sometimes not accurate as a lot of the files are re-uploads. Also, the whole research process is very tedious. So I wanted to ask, whether someone of you knows a good source, where I could get a sufficient LPTV chronolgy or history.


2. I didn't notice any Making-of material that deals with The Hunting Party. There were some short clips for the promotion of the album but I did not find anything else comparable to the Making-ofs we got for MTM, ATS, LT etc. I am pretty sure someone asked whether there would be Making-of material for The Hunting Party as there was no special edition announced and there was an (official-ish?) answer that "they recorded everything" (that's what I remember). I guess I read it here on the forum. So *sigh*: Is there any Making-of material about the Hunting Party out there? Or is there an announcement?


Thank you very much for your help and please excuse my bad English :-/

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Thank you very much martinez, Soul and Skipees! That are pretty good information and a very helpful thread (thatI didn't manage to find during my initial research ... hmmm ...). Thank you!!


And let's hope we get to see some of the production footage of The Hunting Party sometime!


Have a great day.

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