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Linkin Park Partners with IAVA; Wastelands Video Collab


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On June 21st, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America announced that they were partnering with Linkin Park for the upcoming Carnivores Tour.


From lpforvets.com:


"Linkin Park Partners With IAVA To Support Veterans Through Music, Community & Action
Linkin Park has touched thousands of veterans through their music, and now the band will take their commitment to this community to the next level via a partnership with IAVA.
We will create a dynamic video that showcases compelling, user-generated videos and photos submitted by veterans, which will be set to Linkin Park’s “Wastelands.” The video will be shown on the band’s upcoming US Carnivores tour, to help inspire action and drive fans to support IAVA and the new generation of dedicated, young leaders.
Submit your photos and videos to: lpforvets@linkinpark.com
Please do not attach video files. You may submit videos as YouTube links or via a download link (i.e.: dropbox, WeTransfer, etc). Please make sure YouTube videos are public or unlisted, not private."
This is not the band's first time working with the military. All the way back with Projekt Revolution 2003, the band offered free concert tickets to local residents who were in the military that wanted to see Linkin Park perform live. Even the Facebook comments on the announcement include comments like "Linkin Park puts on a great show! I got to see them in El Paso, because LP gave free tickets to Active duty and their families!"
It's no secret that many soldiers listen to Linkin Park while they are deployed. And we do all know about the great Castle Of Glass music video released in 2012, featuring a soldier breaking the news to a young boy about his father dying.
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