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"Matt's Chance" Soundtrack


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Matt's Chance Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Julien-K is very proud to release the complete musical soundtrack to "Matt's Chance".

Exclusive Premier Sale at: www.julien-k.com


Support music creation and help us get the 3rd Julien-K studio album out sooner by BUYING this really cool film score we did, our first ever!


We aren't going to be doing any dumb crowd funding campaigns for this next record ... We're just going to ask you to BUY the music we put out if you like it.


The movie is "Matt's Chance" - a dark indie comedy directed by Nick Gyeney and starring Edward Furlong, Lee Majors, Gary Busey among others ... as a 30 track digital only album in conjunction with the movie's limited theatrical release Christmas 2013. There are some really cool electronic moments as well as more guitar jammy style musical moods that you have to check out, as well as some Circuit Freq songs and remixes ... and if you haven't heard it before, Battle Tapes Remix of "Palm Springs Reset" is an electro-rock masterpiece that rounds out the climactic end of this journey.


The soundtrack will also be coming to iTunes and all digital outlets worldwide early 2014.


1. Welcome to the World 00:14

2. A Terrible Love 03:57

3. Palm Springs Reset (Matt's Chance Theme) 05:02

4. Hello Matt 00:14

5. Greasy Suspicion 03:24

6. Circuit Freq - Supertripper - Alice And The Serial Numbers Remix 04:21

7. Child's Play 00:27

8. L-O-V-E 03:05

9. Happy Birthday 06:45

10. Circuit Freq - Supertripper - Deathface Remix 04:49

11. Circuit Freq - The Filth 06:52

12. Very Not Professional 00:18

13. Taste the Hellfire 02:20

14. Radio Zombies 02:20

15. The Devil's Den 00:28

16. Breakfast In Berlin 04:15

17. Mother Mable 00:50

18. A Chance 05:00

19. Flashpoint Riot 04:35

20. At the Mouth of Madness 02:14

21. Mobster Mayhem 01:26

22. Mighty Matt 00:57

23. Walking on Painted Gold 00:53

24. Ruin Rants 02:23

25. Tattoo Your Soul 06:00

26. Bringer Of Death 01:56

27. Dance with the Devil 06:12

28. Executive Decision 03:57

29. Matt Savage 02:44

30. Palm Springs Reset - Battle Tapes Remix 04:28


There are a few familiar tracks from We're Here With You but a lot of new songs! Has anyone checked it out yet?

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