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Hybrid Theory backyard show?


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Recently I found that The Snax did a Backyard Concert Contest, and then I remembered that I already saw something similar.


Read this part from Hoobastank interview earlier this year:

Can you imagine releasing more of the behind-the-scenes stuff as time goes on?


I like to release footage of the band when I can. I’ve been the dude that’s been filming the band forever. I have video of our very first get-together with the first bass player back in 94. I have our first show in the backyard with Incubus watching. The Linkin Park guys and some other bands from our area are in there, too. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

I'm not sure if he's referring that the guys were there as a crowd or played there too, but since The Snax, Hoobastank, Incubus and Linkin Park are all form LA area, I want to ask if backyard shows were something popular in the LA back in the 90', and if the band mentioned something like this in the past?



The interview found by lpliveusername.

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I can't speak for the west side of the US but in the local music scene in New Jersey it's a very popular thing to do, especially for alot of garage punk bands that are taking over the scene rght now. I know alot of bands who put on backyard festivals from time to time (my place was even asked to be used for one once). I'm sure that HT played some backyard gigs at one point or another though. May have been during their Xero days.

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Mike, Brad, Rob, and Mark went to high school with Doug and Dan from Hoobastank and Brandon and Mike from Incubus, they were all friends. Pretty sure they were just in the crowd. There's another interview with Doug where he mentions their first backyard show and talks about how they borrowed stuff from their high school to put on the show. Dan is younger than Doug, and he was born in the summer of 1976, meaning he would have graduated in 1994. If the show took place while member(s) of Hoobastank was/were still in high school, it would have pre-dated the formation of Xero by at least two years.

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