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20.09.2013 - Columbia, SC, Township Auditorium


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On the 20th, Stone Temple Pilots plays show number nine of their eleven show Fall USA Tour. This show takes place at Lake Columbia, South Carolina's Township Auditorium.


Last show the band changed the setlist a little bit (finally..) with the live debut of their new song Black Heart. The band also added Meatplow and Lady Picture Show to the setlist, for the first time with Chester as the singer.


After this show, the band plays the Rockwave festival in Fort Myers, Florida on the 21th before flying to Midland, Texas on the 24th. For the full 2013 tour schedule for STP, including the setlists for all shows they've played so far with Chester, click here.


What do you think about the current/next setlists? What do you want them to add or change?



01. Down

02. Big Bang Baby

03. Vasoline

04. Dead & Bloated

05. Out Of Time

06. Meatplow

07. Silvergun Superman

08. Church On Tuesday (Guitar Solo Ending)

09. Big Empty

10. Black Heart

11. Interstate Love Song

12. Lady Picture Show

13. Pop's Love Suicide (2013 New Ending)

14. Hollywood Bitch

15. Sex Type Thing

16. Sex & Violence


17. Wicked Garden

18. Piece Of Pie (w/ Richard Patrick)

19. Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart

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Those are mine.. uploading more now :)


I went to the meet and greet with VIP Nation as well.. had a great time!


Very, very small crowd - the venue allowed anyone to come down to the pit since they didn't sell enough tickets. A lot of energy for such a small crowd though, the band was pumped.


Chester came out after the concert was over and signed autographs, took pictures, etc.


I have a few photos, but they didn't turn out so great due to the lighting and the angle I was at. Didn't get my normal middle spot due to the meet and greet.

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I think there were maybe 8-10 of us total, didn't really count, it was a small crowd for sure. We pretty much got 2-3 minutes a piece with the band (a few in groups) and got our items signed and had our picture taken and that was it. Didn't get a chance to ask any questions, and I was a bit too nervous as well. I was just too excited to meet Chester after 13 years of waiting, I turned to mush. I think it was maybe a 15-20 minute total deal.


I don't have the setlist unfortunately, I tried to get a copy of it and couldn't. I personally don't know all the songs from STP, so it made it a bit difficult for me to name them, lol.


I will definitely scan in everything I got last night :)

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7 total -


Dead and Bloated, Black Heart, Interstate Love Song, Sex Type Thing and Wicked Garden are on the way. The ones coming up are better quality, I had to adjust my settings a bit. I used 4GB on just the 7 videos last night, I should have brought another SD card, I would have done the entire show.

Great, waiting for the videos :)
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These are three of the most stable audience videos ever. ;)

I was literally on the left far edge on the pit rail, holding my arm as still as possible. Normally, I'm stuck in the middle in the drunken rage, so it's a bit impossible at that point. Hopefully the next few will be a bit better, they look clearer to me. I just bought the Sony RX100 for the show - the photo quality was horrible (I'm partial to my DSLR, but we all know that's not gonna happen), but videos were somewhat impressive.


Black Heart:


Interstate Love Song:


Sex Type Thing:


Wicked Garden:

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These came in the VIP Nation bundles I purchased..


Posted Image


Posted Image


This is the poster that came in the bundle that all the attendees had signed..


Posted Image


Meet and Greet photo (taken by VIP Nation)


Posted Image


When I ran into Chester again after the concert..


Posted Image

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