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Real name of "Somewhere I Belong (Remix)"

Doc. Mak

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this is definitely not the live version. i don't think this band has any other songs execpt this one, but it seems like they are from the "let's fake our name" era 2001-2004. i'll try to research it.

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i'll try to research it.



The song is called Picture Frames and it's by Fallacy Flow.


Here's the

And here's a shorter version of it I found.


The band's Canadian and released two albums; "A Prelude To..." and "Frailty From Grace".


There's a little more info here, but that's about all I could find. I hope this helps!


EDIT: The band's extinct webpage

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Haha, I remember when this song was going around as a fake LP track! This takes me back...this had to be around the same period My Reason by Spiritfall was all over the place labeled as an unreleased LP track (9-10 years ago, maybe even a little more). I remember finding out the name of the band/song many years ago, but I had totally forgotten this existed.

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