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  1. 28 minutes ago, Justin said:

    I haven't heard the tracks yet to know exactly where you mean, but I assume you mean just before the second verse.


    The answer is because it adds a layer, serving as another step in the slow/steady build of the song.

    Oh, nice! Thanks! 

  2. The guitar track in the LOATR multitrack is fake. Someone actually took my isolated tracks from my Youtube guitar cover for the song, combined them together (incorrectly, no less - the rhythm guitar that's supposed to be in the last chorus is in the first chorus, LOL), and is trying to pass it off as the real thing.


    The remaining multitrack isn't even close to all the layers from the song, either. It's mainly just the strings, piano, synths, and beats. No drums/guitar/bass, plus some other synth stuff is also missing. There's also a full instrumental and acapella. The full thing is probably out there somewhere and whoever has it is purposely sharing an incomplete/inferior version because they still think they can make money from the full thing.

    But Astat, the remaining LOATR multitracks are fan made or sound legit?

  3. The majority of them are created by the band themselves. Mainly Mike sampling Rob's kit or other sounds and then editing the hell out of them.


    I mean, I'm sure they've got a ton of sample library sounds too, but those get edited a lot when they use them as well.

    Thanks a lot, Astat! :)

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