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  1. Never even heard that story about the photo with Chi in place of Chester but now I want to see it so badly. Does anyone know if it has ever circulated?
  2. This was definitely one of the best gigs I've seen from the band in the last few years. And excuse me, but what the hell are you guys talking about the ballad medley? That crowd is anything but lost and asleep. They totally ate it up. Waving the whole time, singing every word... people even brought fucking sparklers to light up right then. I still say that if there's one part the band should drop to make room for more proper songs, it's Joe's solo spot.
  3. I still can't really decide how to feel about the setlist. I'm all for pulling out random half-songs and medleys, but some of these just feel really awkward and pointless. - the Requiem vocals over the Catalyst outro sound weird and the whole thing is too long for an intro. I think the first one and a half minutes of The Catalyst would work much better there. - this is actually quite a good idea. Papercut > OSC would flow much better than OSC > Blackout intro > Papercut. - Guilty > Papercut would probably also flow better than Guilty > Given Up. - bring back the album version of COG. - unlike most people, I've no problem with the ballad medley. I'd probably prefer Iridescent in full over the medley, but as long as the gang vocals from the end are there, I'm happy with it. - yay for Robot Boy! - Joe's solo spot still feels pointless to me, but Mike's solo spot is boss. - the encore break was waaay toooo looooong. - I didn't really like the studio version of Until It's Gone, but it's better live. the intro feels quite awkward though, and not just because of the guitar problems. - Light & LITE were great. - actually, save for the UIG intro & that sped-up Crawling chorus, the whole encore was great. yay for Rob's solo!
  4. the same thing. whoever uploaded these long videos should be rewarded with a statue of himself or something. edit: Joe's solo was kinda pointless though, and I'm not really feeling the COG remix either.
  5. I did a forum search about this guy and nothing came up, so I'm guessing most of you have never heard of him, sssoooo... A while back this Oklahoma rapper called TKO Capone did this song in which he sampled a clean guitar line from the Opeth song Credence. I thought it was a rather interesting use of a song from such a different genre, but it worked surprisingly well in this new context too. I know, what on Earth does this have to do with LP? Well, today I decided to take a look at the guy's other uploads as well, and I found not one, but two videos that sample Linkin Park songs. Interestingly enough, one of them is actually labeled as containing a Metallica sample, but in reality it is built upon No More Sorrow's opening guitar melody. And while the Opeth one worked out just fine, I don't think these two do so. What do you guys think?
  6. I, for one, would take Iridescent over pretty much any other LP song. And I'm a raging metalhead.
  7. any idea what those dots before some of the song titles mean? haven't seen them on any setlist before.
  8. sorry to burst your bubble, but you didn't. apparently at some point there were some problems with the keyboard again, so they played APFMH.
  9. but why edit that setlist when you don't even know if it's right?.. i mean, people go to setlist.fm for accurate info, not guesses.
  10. i only have one thing to say, something i haven't seen anyone point out yet: not having the 3 hits at the very end of POA sounds SO strange.
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