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  1. If LP gonna perform for KROQ then they should bring back 'MY DECEMBER', they started their first KROQ AAC show with this song, they should end the show and the KROQ AAC career with this song, it makes sense. They should perform the studio version this time, it hasn't been played that way in a long time since the "METEORA WORLD TOUR" back in 2004, let it be a surprise to all the fans of LINKIN PARK:)
  2. wow, 'A Place For My Head' was in the setlist, it was played instead of 'In The End'
  3. It's looks like "Figure.09" is to be play in 2013 since it gotten the most votes so be ready for this song to be play in 2013:)
  4. Some website, i forgot whats called but i'll try to find it again, but LP bringing back "Don't Stay" since its easier to play live and its gonna be 'Meteora' 10th anniversary; "Pushing Me Away" only to played three times this year. "High Voltage" gonna be played i think once for intro verse for "Waiting For The End". I know this is fact that Rob Bourdon still gonna use the 2008 chorus drum sample for "In The End" this year but i don't wanna reveal anymore information since LP making some big surprises this year, starting tomorrow 02/16/13 [Live@Las Vegas (Live at Planet Hollywood R. and C.)]
  5. Linkin Park are deciding to bring "Don't Stay" and "Pushing Me Away" back into the setlist. Rumor saying that the EXT. OUTRO for "Faint" is to be retired for awhile, "I'll Be Gone" live debut is to be on February 16, 2013.
  6. You guys should add 'Forgotten" to the setlist since it hasn't been played for over 10 years, surprise the fans of Linkin Park with "Forgotten", "By Myself", and "Figure.09". "Figure.09" was one of the best song ever that LP played live. I voted for: - Forgotten - Figure.09 - High Voltage - It's Goin' Down - Easier To Run (to celebrate 'Meteora' 10 years anniversary) - Hit The Floor (to celebrate 'Meteora' 10 years anniversary) - Reading My Eyes - Pushing Me Away (Hybrid Theory version) - Don't Stay (to celebrate 'Meteora' 10 years anniversary) - No More Sorrow (gives energy to the crowd) Hey could you ask Rob Bourdon to change back to the old drum sample he used for "In The End' from 2000 - 2007, you know, the single beat, not the double beat:)
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