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  1. Already watched the Veterans Stadium DVD and the out of sync clip on numb that is circulating is different compare to the official edit, Brad and Rob scene is not there. Also on One Step Closer the video clip on youtube for Summer Sanitarium Tailgate Party is also different, Chester is on the platform of stage but on the official edit he went up.
  2. i remember the full show was played at MTV Asia once a week for the whole month i remember it every friday morning year 2001, i can't forget the video clip with caption Linkin Park Live at The Fillmore, the video was cut after a few song with a commercial from MTV i think it was cut in 4 parts, at that time pirated VCD concert is very vulgar in my country so i thought i can find it their because at that time its very hard for me to find there Music Videos there is no youtube at that time i remember i bought a VCD a compilation of artist with One Step Closer and Crawling on it, the video has MTV logo so it was just recorded and put it on a VCD. I try to ask the seller if they recorded that show but they say they did not..as time pass by i finally had their Music Videos through Frat Party VCD but still im looking for live at the fillmore, i met a friend who is a fan also of LP i ask him about that concert he confirmed that he also saw that on MTV and i asked him if anyone recorded it but he tell me he don't know, i wish someday they release the fullshow i cant wait to watch it again.
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