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  1. Source 1, of cource This link was cool, but I'm a bit lazy to download it. Can anyone rip this for me?
  2. Show page: http://www.lplive.net/shows/20070815.php Thanks in advance
  3. Show page: http://www.lplive.net/shows/200103242.php
  4. thanks P/S: I'm sorry but i can't see track 5 (POA). Do you have that one?
  5. Show page: http://www.lplive.net/shows/20010315.php Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks in advance Show page: http://www.lplive.net/shows/20030302.php
  7. Someone re-post the link please, thanks in advance
  8. invite me please *e-mail removed* thanks
  9. Check out this post, i found this show on Youtube, the audio is pretty good: http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=3019
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