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  1. Well judging by the fact that they are testing mixers and that Mike was still recording vocals Im guessing that this album is 80-90% done. Typically, the vocals are the last thing recorded, so they probably have all or most the instrumentation done already. In my opinion we should most likely get this album this year.
  2. This is a great album, quite possibly my favorite from LP. No matter how many times that I listen to it it is as if Im hearing it for the first time, and it always hits me down deep as weird as that sounds. From a musicians standpoint this is an amazing work of art and doesnt get nearly as much recognition in the music world as it should.
  3. Good song, love the verse by Mike and Chester's vocals sound great, very catchy. I like the new direction that the latest LP songs have been going with the strong hip hop beats and keyboards but I must admit that I do miss the heavy guitars. That was a key element to their sound imo but all in all I like anything that LP puts out and will support them in whatever direction that they go.
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    Mike's Update

    I don't think LP should replicate the sounds of Hybrid Theory or Meteora but I do believe they should take the ideas and certain sounds that made them who they are and use those on the new record. Im talking about the heavy guitar rifts,rapping, scratching, the beats, and the sampling. They could still take all of those elements and make an album that sounds entirely new and different than we have heard in the past. Those are things that make LP LP. Minutes was a great album but imo it is not what you think of when you think of LP. Hopefully by Mike saying they want to get back to that Hybrid THeory mentality but not make another HT, would mean they are taking the ideas and sounds that made that signature sound and making something fresh. I see that as being the best route for them after a album like Minutes to Midnight.
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