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  1. You have to realize when this "law" should be practiced in the way it was in this case. If a person has downloaded thousands and thousands of songs and not only downloaded them but reproduced them on cd's to sell and make profit, then YES, by all means they deserve this form of punishment. But I honestly dont know how you can sit there and side with this ruling for a women who downloaded 24!!! I repeat, 24! songs, I think everyone in there entire life time has downloaded ATLEAST 24 songs illegally. This is just an attempt for this "law" to get put in the news so people will take notice and this poor women has to be the scapegoat, the law makes me sick some times.
  2. hahn is just a teenager whos hormones are running wild right now, dont mind him. He thinks hes runs the world because he has a little website that gives people information that is readily available all over the web. The fact that you, hahn, would use that type of language because someone was mearly asking an innocent question proves to me that your not very mature. As the head man on a website that is (according to you) "by the fans, for the fans" shouldnt you be nicer to the "fans"? And to address someone else who called that poster "stupid" it was a question, the kid is proubly 13 years old. learn to relax, and stop taking this that arnt serious, tooo serious.
  3. can some one make me feel happy and tell me PR 2010 will happen or atleast proubly will.
  4. and now all the excitment i once had is gone :-( , I knew it was too good to be true, usually word of another projekt rev. doesnt get out till about march the earliest. Do you guys think the chances are still good with see PR 09 this summer?
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