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  1. Gosh, you don't read what I'm writing, do you? Seriously... I never said those songs were the worst I've ever listened to, like Lucid said. And where did I only criticize them? I also praised them for their work. You just aren't capable to lead a discussion, 'cause you put the words you want in my mouth... Anyway... this is not the right place to continue with senseless spam. I'm thankful that most people here seem to be sensible and don't misunderstand everything one writes. With this in mind, enjoy listening to this great album (:
  2. Thanks, SomedudeRemix. Unfortunately it seems like there are a lot of people in the LP fanbase who just idolize them too much and react absolutely immoderate on criticism. One more word to Living Things... I love it more and more (: Powerless...... Ooooooooh.... <3
  3. he probably wanted to say that I am "so far away from lp" - but I'm not sure ^^
  4. That's not what I'm thinking about these tracks. I absolutely love Hybrid Theory and Meteora, in the end this was the reason why I was so disappointed by A Thousand Suns. I was not happy with their new style, I just wanted them to continue making their good old music. But as I said, I disagree with your words calling Victimize and Until It Breaks old-school LP style tracks. Victimize is absolutely unmelodious, completely different from their old music which was hard but still harmonious. And Until It Breaks is just freakin' gangsta rap, they NEVER did that. Even Step Up and Dedicated are (an
  5. Give me one good reason why I'm not.
  6. First of all, I didn't write anything like this about Skin To Bone. And yeah, it is harsh, but why should I use other words when this is my honest opinion? Victimize IS disgusting to me, and this is no disrespect for LP or their work, it's a simple, yet clear statement about a few of their songs. You could just accept that, just as I accept that many people like Victimize, Until It Breaks or Burn It Down, although I feel different.
  7. I don't think that I've bashed the band Oo I just wrote down my opinion, and I also said that I'm pretty happy with Living Things. That doesn't mean that I've got no right to criticize them. I just wonder if you really read my review, as I said in no uncertain manner that I totally loved Minutes to Midnight. TLTGYA, No Roads Left and Bleed It Out definitely belong to my favourite LP tracks of all time. I just didn't like A Thousand Suns and I don't know why it should be wrong to mention that. "Do you like all your songs poppy and full of friendly radio structure?" - could you explain me
  8. I unhappily have to say that I'm one of those guys who were really disappointed by ATS. In fact the only song I like out of that album is The Catalyst, 'cause it's good enough to ignore those two hard electronic parts. After ATS I kinda lost my belief in Linkin Park. When I first heard them in around 2004/2005, they instantly became my favourite band and until the end of 2007 I did not hear any other music. And although I loved the sound of Hybrid Theory and Meteora, I also loved Minutes To Midnight as much as their previous work, 'cause in terms of melody and harmony it probably was their b