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  1. Linkin Park hasn’t backed anythimg ‘’Chester’’ since he passed. First it was Cross Off, then Grey Daze, which is understandable, Talinda’s Chester Bennington Clothing Store that I personally have bought many items from, and now Dead By Sunrise. Sean Dowdell and Samantha and Draven and shit think it’s Mike that tried to not support any of his side bands and stuff but it never was. It was more the label and maybe even Brad, honestly. Mike always supported Chester doing stuff outside of LP, if you look at the performance in 2006 when Chester joined The Doors, Mike was side stage, there’s a photo. He also posted about DBS on his blog very early on, remember that iconic photo of Chester holding the demo CD? Mike also is the reason DBS played during LP’s shows in 2009. I’m starting to think Brad has always been the leader of the band. Once you read Jeff Blue’s book you will understand. And also, Mike’s ‘’ask Brad’’ comment about Papercuts totally sold me on that idea. We never knew it but Brad was very much behind everything the band did. Not saying it’s bad. I love Brad, of course. But yeah. I mean he was even heavily involved with Fort Minor, being A&R. Wasn’t Bandmerch Brad’s company too back in the 2000’s? Because all the epic stuff I have from the 2000’s, my clothes, backpacks, all kinds of shit, was bought directly from LP and like Hot Topic and shit. And it was all band merch. Brad was heavily involved in that. Honestly, if there ever were arguments in the studio or disagreements, I can see it being between Mike and Brad now. It’s clear to me now. Linkin Park is really Brad’s band. You have to read the Jeff Blue book to really get insight on it too. And I’m not saying Brad is bad or anything. I love Brad. I just think we as fans never really knew this stuff before.
  2. When you say you’ve got one right now, you physically have the DBS vinyl in stock, back room or what? Or just that you will be getting a copy to sell?
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