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  1. I really hope there is. I would love for there to be one for Minutes To Midnight as well in 2027 but I can understand if they don't want to do that album. The first two LP albums were iconic as hell. Meteora needs one in 2023. I hope it's virtually the same as the Hybrid Theory box set but with less errors (haha). There are a lot of demos from Meteora that are on the LPU releases, and a ton of other Meteora stuff we don't have or know about. Plus there are some fantastic live shows from the era. 2003/2004 were insane. I would love to get Rock am Ring 2004 as an officially released physical DVD
  2. They could have do a greatest hits box set like mentioned above and include that stuff. LP is a band with so many huge singles that that would need more than just an 80 min time slot like a lot of older-ish greatest hits albums had, like Curtain Call by Eminem or something. He also didn’t have as many hits as LP had at the time that was put out though. I think they could do it well though just like you guys mentioned. Maybe some demos/live takes on the huge singles but they’d have to be amazing quality and cleaned up. But yeah giving stuff like Final Masquerade acoustic a home would
  3. I don't think any of the lead singles were the best call personally. This is a cool thread. I don't think the band even really chooses the lead singles, or at least they didn't until later albums, and even then, they had push from the label for different songs. Hybrid Theory: One Step Closer is a great song, I love it, but I think In The End would have made a better first single. It had even more mainstream appeal to it and I think it would have worked just as well for the band, if not more. One Step Closer definitely got them more attention from the metal/nu-metal/hard rock/rock t