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  1. That's not entirely true. She signed a deal with UMPG before signing with Machine Shop, and after the MS thing fell apart she went to her UMPG publisher in late 2009/early 2010 and asked her to get her connected with a producer & try to have a comeback in the music industry as none of the other jobs she tried worked, she had to make music work. Her publisher connected her with Alex and you can even see the e-mails in a very recent video she uploaded on Tik Tok. WYG was simply the cherry on the top, but it was not the reason she was connected with Alex, because she also didn't write that hook and she was connected with him as a songwriter. He never even mentioned WYG before when talking about his story with Skylar. IMO, her music became much better. Her voice improved dramatically and she's been experimental with her music ever since, creating songs in almost every genre. (except the 2013 album Don't Look Down which she doesn't like as this is not the type of music she listens to and she stated that it was forced by Interscope) Her current music is a breath of fresh air as it's always exciting - you never know what genre she's releasing her music in. For example, she released a folk EP last year (which she plans to expand on later) and now she's doing hip hop/RnB. She's a very interesting and eclectic artist. And as noted by many critics recently, she doesn't give two shits about radio play or commercial success. She literally left Interscope just to release a folk EP because they wanted her to do a pop album instead. She's doing whatever the hell she wants right now.
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