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  1. This was an amazing performance imo! Much better than RIR, and the crowd was insane! Looked like the band had so much fun! Haven't seen them smile like that in a long time and chesters solo run for aplaudse at the end says it all :-D
  2. As someone Said, Final masquerade is next. In the spotify app on the ipad giong to the singles section on the linkin park page, the artwork for the song is already there, looks great!
  3. I have to agree with you, this show has been a mess for the most part. Ever heard of killing your darlings? This is just to many songs mashed together, like a huge medley, but really untight. Simple is win ;-)
  4. Wow, Mike really expected more noice from the Remember The Name surprise. Wich it Does deserve! ;-)
  5. Stream Seems to be US only, it doesn't work in Sweden so I'm stuck with the lousy tv link but, hey, at least it worlks ^^ hopefully someone Will rip it in HD
  6. Just got home from the concert now, it was amazing! the setlist rocked so hard, just wished for blackout and BTH! Not to forget, I also bought the DSP and LPUX!
  7. I'm Going! just hoping they won't cancel again! I was there 2007 and it was legendary! The previous setlist rock but I would really like to see Blackout, The Messenger and offcourse A Place For My Head or Points of Authority, Which most likely will not happen. Oh well, at least APFMH will be mashed up with Bleed it out, probably.
  8. Meh, it's allright I guess. Not bad, but not better Would've liked a little harder, more electronic sound. Blackout or Wretches would have fit the movie better i think. Still kind of funny that they are now present in all the movies - even though the second one sucked real hard.
  9. Off course I want this! I mean, who doesn't? Really hoping they would share it with us!
  10. Here's a video of him playing http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=iR_E3oHpyoY
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