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LPLive's 2013 Live Poll: Older LP Songs


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We are doing a poll to see what older Linkin Park songs fans would like to see the band play in 2013 that were not played in 2012. There is not any song in the poll that has not been played live (like Robot Boy, No Roads Left, or POWERLESS).


For example, here are a few songs you can vote for out of 26 total:

- And One (Last played Feb 5, 2002)

- Easier To Run (Last played April 26, 2003)

- Figure.09 (Last played Sept 11, 2004)

- My December (Last played March 15, 2004 / piano version played in 2006 and early 2008)

- Reading My Eyes (Last played June 25, 2008))

- The Little Things Give You Away (Last played Aug 23, 2008)

- Wretches & Kings (Last played Feb 28, 2011)

- Burning In The Skies (Last played Sept 23, 2011)

- No More Sorrow (Last played Sept 25, 2011)


Vote here: http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=9539



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