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hey all,


with LP making their return to NZ and from what appears the LPU is back to its 8ish days with forums im looking at rejoining, as for the packages are they exactly the same except the more expensive one has the merch. other than that is there any difference?



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Taken straight from lpunderground.com

Probably would have been better if you looked there first lol




LPU11 laminate and lanyard for early entrance to Linkin Park Shows

Chances for Meet & Greets at Linkin Park concerts

Access to concert Presale Tickets and Best Seats for LPU

Access to International Summit Events (additional fee required for Summit pass)

Live Video Chats with members of Linkin Park

Monthly LPU Auctions and Giveaways of LP gear and fan experiences

Access to entire LPU-TV and LPTV Downloadable Archive

Online Community Access and Connections to LP fans from around the world



Entire limited edition LPU11 merchandise package:


Earplug case with earplugs

LPU11 Flag

Lanyard and membership laminate

Access to LP events including International LPU Summits (no additional fee for Summit pass)

Also includes all LPU11 Pass benefits

Offer subject to change and based on availability. $60 price includes worldwide shipping

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