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8/10 LPU Chat with Jim


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  • Normal day starts at 7AM, laying the stuff is where it needs to be, getting ready for the show
  • What Jim does: getting the stuff altogether, ready for stage.
  • Jim answered that question he asked Twitter regarding the hardhat, the hardhat belongs to Missy!
  • Rehearsals are going well, tonight is the last one.
  • The stage is really amazing, they’re doing a whole lot of fun new stuff. The band is seeing it for the first time tonight. It’s sort of like the V-stage used last time at the A Thousand Suns world tour but it’s nothing you’ve seen before, it’s all new.
  • His favorite Linkin Park song is CASTLE OF GLASS, he said LOST IN THE ECHO first but changed it.
  • Yes, they’re excited for Brazil
  • Honda Civic Tour stage is different from the LIVING THINGS world tour stage
  • How many new songs is a surprise.
  • Chester trains his voice everyday
  • Jim is working with Incubus’ production manager to bring the best show for those going to the Honda Civic Tour!
  • Jim has worked with several bands before Linkin Park like Marilyn Manson, Bon Jovi, Backstreet Boys, Enrique Iglesias, etc.
  • Phoenix plays his mangled bass because he likes how it sounds and probably because the fans love it.
  • He worked with Linkin Park for about 11 years now.
  • There are 5 buses and 12 tractor trailers of equipment for Honda Civic Tour, Projekt Revolution had 20 tractor trailers
  • Takes 8-10 hours to set up the show to be ready for the show to start.
  • They’ll know about a European tour in the upcoming months, nothing now though.
  • There will be a new LPTV today!
  • Pyro is a surprise on this tour, not sure if the Honda Civic Tour will get it or not.
  • He showed us the new tour laminate for the Honda Civic Tour too!
  • They use reusable water bottles on tour.

  • Jim opens the chat with Adam of LPU.
  • A normal day starts about 7am where they proceed to build the show.
  • He is the production manager and takes care of everything that is required in building the show. Mainly the equipment for the show and stage.
  • Missy is the mystery hard-hat owner.
  • Linkin Park will tour Russia next year.
  • The show is brand new, will look great and sound great.
  • The ominous Pooch makes an appearance in awesome fashion.
  • It's usually a 20 hour work day with only a couple hours sleep.
  • New stage that is going to be amazing and the band will see it for the first time tonight.
  • He is from Pennsylvania.
  • Not sharing details on the setlist as it should be a surprise.
  • The new set has been built with the fans in mind. It also has a few surprises for fans that Linkin Park haven't utilized on tour before.
  • The set will contain video.
  • Megumi makes an appearance.
  • Lonnie makes an appearance.
  • He thinks LIVING THINGS is LP's best work. His favourite track is CASTLE OF GLASS.
  • They like to make up funny lyrics to Linkin Park songs.
  • Chef Grey brings in amazing salad. Beets, goat cheese, candied walnuts... yeah. Megumi gets kewpie mayonnaise.
  • He's worked for Linkin Park for 11 years.
  • He likes bacon only if it's crispy. Jim doesn't like sushi bacon.
  • Tour compromises of 5 buses and 12 tractor trailers.
  • More European Tour info may be coming in the next couple months. They don't know anything for certain yet.
  • Apparently a new LPTV is coming today.
  • Pyro for the tour is a surprise and he won't confirm if they have it or not.
  • Bill Boyd makes an appearance. He is the band's creative director and works with Joe Hahn to create all the visuals and content we see.
  • He shows off the new tour laminate for the Honda Civic Tour.
  • The band rehearses tonight as we know, with a select LPU audience.

SOURCES: MikeShinodaClan & LPAssociation

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