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8/7 LPU Chat Summary


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Adam from LPUHQ chatted with LPU members today, while there were several topics discussed there were a few questions that were answered regarding the Honda Civic Tour and the LPU Summit and other topics, not sure if this 100% accurate but it’s what I heard! Those going to the LPU Summit, I’ll see you there! Can’t wait!

  • Adam said Incubus’ set will be about the same as Linkin Park’s, they’re co-headlinging so both will get a full set.
  • Adam doesn’t know if there will be a collaboration on stage between Linkin Park and Incubus
  • Linkin Park setlist he saw is good! (For Honda Civic Tour) He liked it.
  • He didn’t hear LOST IN THE ECHO live yesterday
  • Seems like there’s already a release date set for when the LOST IN THE ECHO video will come out, but it’s a secret.
  • Regarding LIVING THINGS remix subscription: Yes there will be another remix other than BURN IT DOWN, it’s not just all BURN IT DOWN remixes. He knows for sure there’s a LOST IN THE ECHO remix.
  • Adam will be at the LPU booth at the Honda Civic Tour selling LPU memberships, both $25 and $60.
  • Adam won’t be doing M&G in Texas and Colorado (I believe, I might have misheard that).
  • LPU Summit in Camden won’t have a walk on-stage tour, because Incubus will be setting up. And no we probably won’t see Incubus while at the LPU Summit.
  • LPU Summit in Brazil is unlikely, he doesn’t know if he’ll be going to Brazil.
  • Something new for the Camden LPU Summit: they will be taking all 200 LPU Summit goers to the Hard Rock Cafe in Philly for lunch! The 25 people that were chosen for the LPU Summit Day 1 will also get lunch.
  • Adam said all those going to the LPU Summit bring a cotton shirt, any color, we’ll be doing something with them!
  • The LPU Summit day 1 volunteer activity will be the ONLY activity for day 1.
  • The LPU Backstage opportunity contest: LPU members have not been chosen yet!
  • LPU Roadie that happened on Europe tour probably won’t happen again.
  • LPU 12 will be launched in November! Adam says he thinks we’ll like it, the CD itself is not done yet, he just has the files I believe.
  • There will be an LPU Application (apart from the ground(ctrl) app) available on the app store (Apple) soon! They’re waiting for Apple to approve it, it won’t feature chat and forum features YET but they’re working on it. Probably not available for Android though.
  • There will be LPU chats happening while on tour and if their bus gets wifi maybe some late night chats with the crew. He also said he’s working on scheduling a LPU Chat with the band!
  • LPU Summit people will get an email with more information likely tomorrow!
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